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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Haunted weekend!

Good morning all! We made it back from Campit Resort,
near beautiful Saugatuck Mi.
Their theme for the weekend was Haunted Weekend.
With a costume contest,
a site decorating contest,
and a ghouls dance.
We had a blast!
Since we worked Saturday,
we got there too late for the site decorating contest,
but decorated anyway, just for the fun of it.

Watched the costume contest.
Took a bunch of pictures,
but found out the next morning, I had the camera set wrong! It has a dial on the back upper right corner, and putting it in and out of my pocket the dial sometimes gets turned, which it apparently did. That's the only thing I don't like about this Sony Cybershot.
But here's Craig at our site.

We were in site 219N. A large pull through site in their newer section called West Wood. Had full hook-up, loved that! Nice long showers! And that's where the club house is at. So we were near all the fun! And as usual, we met more new campers. Always a fun time at Campit! By Sunday afternoon, the last of the weekenders had left, so we were all alone. We imagined what it would be like to be full timing, and to camp out in the wilderness. We decided we'd like RV parks instead. With full hook-up of course!

With no one around, we decided to break down most of the camp. Took down the decorations, put away the chairs and carpet and lights. Rolled up the awning, and pulled the picnic table over by the camp fire. Good thing we did. Woke up to pouring rain the next morning! By time we got showered and dressed and coffee made, it had quit raining, so pulled in the slides, pulled up the jacks, unhooked the water and power, and an easy drive home.

Today we have to turn the mo-ho around, put out the slides, so the slide awnings can dry out. do a quick clean-up and restock. For this weekend, we're off for our last trip to Saugatuck this season. Also need to do laundry, mow the yard and get groceries.

Oh, and Craig's computer is sick. It boots up to the main screen, but before all the icons in the tray load, it goes black. Decided it might need a good cleaning, so opened it up and sprayed it out, and had him turn it on and discovered a fan not working that cools the power source. So I assume it's over heating and shutting itself off. At least I hope it is. So took it apart and today I'll try to get a replacement, put it in and see if all is better.


  1. The fan could be the issue with the PC. These critters can be very tempermental in the heat (and easily damaged by it).

    I also related to your saga of the rain and the camper. We had a pop-up and always opened it back up when we got home in the sunshine to air and dry out. I hated to pack it up when it was wet.

  2. One of my favorite parts of camping is when the campground quiets, people leave, and the weekend is over. Then it's so nice and peaceful!

  3. The mo-ho looks cool! Glad to hear you had a blast. Sounds like a bit of work to.


  4. so glad y'all are having so much fun and enjoying the moho! we have friends with a huge one and they never get to use it, just pay storage for it. sad...

    smiles, bee