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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

fall weekend

Good morning all!

It is currently raining and 51 degrees as we head back to work. But we just work a day, and then get tomorrow off. Then work Friday and Saturday and get Sun, Mon, and Tuesday off. I could get use to that.

I went to Muskegon Sunday to see Mom. Took her out for lunch (Red Lobster), and then the club (the VFW) for refreshments and some pull tabs (did lousy). But the weather was good and it was good to see her.

Monday, did some more yard work. Still trying to get the gardens cleaned up for winter. We still have leaves on some trees, so will be another week or so before I can get the rest of the leaves up. The weather has been decent for this time of year. But they're talking snow for Thanksgiving.(yuck!) Below is a pic of three of my Japanese Maples. The closest one is a red Fern Leaf. The one to the far left is a red Bloodgood. And the middle one is a green Fernleaf. I love the colors they turn in fall

Tuesday was the nicest day, (hit 56) so we put up some Christmas lights in the front yard. Will get pics when I think about it. But we won't turn them on till after Thanksgiving. I already see houses with decorations on. Let's get thru one holiday before starting the next. The only reason we put lights up early is I'm not gonna freeze my fingers off putting up lights. And it can turn real cold real quick here in Michigan.

Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving!


  1. Now that I have a new detached house I am thinking about putting up lights as well. The maples are beautiful. I have a weeping variety beside the front walk. They are such slender graceful trees.

  2. I need to find out exactly what kind of trees the trees in front of our house are. The leaves are a vibrant red and look somewhat like a maple. From your picture the colors are similar. Those are beautiful trees in your yard!

    I am taking Monday off after our trip back from family for Thanksgiving. I think I will use that day to decorate the outside.

  3. the trees are lovely. have a great thanksgiving!

    smiles, bee

  4. The best of Thanksgivings to you!

  5. Enjoy your time off Wayne and your thanksgiving tomorrow! I agree the Japanese maples are really beautiful.


  6. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Yard looks nice, Bro. :) Glad you and Mom had a good day. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Craig!


    Sis :)

  7. I love the bright red Japanese maples.