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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Winter has Michigan in it's icy grips. Yesterday's high.....13. Today's high.....10. And that's Fahrenheit, not Celsius! It would be -12 Celsius!
So today, we'll be staying indoors.
Craig has finally finished all his end of year paperwork for the business, so it looks like this weekend will be a relaxing, not do much, kind of weekend. And that will be nice. He took a puzzle out of cabinet to work on, and we'll do some fine tuning on the season's camping schedule.
With the business climate here in Michigan, we came thru the year down about 3%. Considering we took more days off work for our RV trips, and didn't have a price increase last year, we did okay. We will have to raise prices this year. Costs on supplies have gone up considerably, and so does rent and utilities. But customers are expecting it. I've been asked a lot if the prices are still the same. They know it's been a while since the last increase, and are expecting one.
Hope everyone stays warm. It looks like this cold weather is going quite a ways south.


  1. and they're complaining here about a 25 degree wind chill... what a bunch of wusses we are down here... brrrr... that is cold though... your temp, not ours...

  2. It's going south and east - here. I'm staying in for the next couple of days. You stay warm, too.

  3. Ben actually went outside this morning...for maybe 10 minutes or so. hehe Even he felt like his face was freezing off.
    I love puzzles....I need to find me one I can work on...

  4. I don't envy you boys....the cold....and costs are up everywhere lately. So, the $20 haircuts will now be....what? $25? And this means that the $15 cuts will now be $20. Yikes.

  5. I have opted to stay in as well. Why would I need to go to and Ice Festival this weekend when I can see plenty enough outside my windows? :-P

  6. Lemuel3:57 PM

    Stay warm!

    From every hint you give about yourselves, I am sure you will be reasonable and fair as your make your increases and your customers will understand.

  7. DavidZ5:33 PM

    If your receipts were only down 3%, you are very lucky. We were down much more than that where I work, and have made some very drastic cuts. Michigan's recession continues!

  8. Know exactly how you feel, we have -12 C with windschill -25 C...not going too far from home today...ciao

  9. Joseph9:53 PM

    Everything has gone up, and I'm sure your customers know that and expect you to earn a decent living as well. I know that you treat your customers well, so I'm certain they will understand. Stay warm!

  10. (*Janna leans in and whispers*)
    Ok... ok. I'll admit that it's really, really cold, and dammit, I am freezing. I think I still have toes but I'll just have to take your word for it because I can barely feel them anymore.

    And yet...
    I STILL would rather have this than a hot humid summer.
    My pipes may freeze in a couple days, my car may not start tomorrow, but I consider that a small price to pay.
    I know.
    I have issues.

    Just think of it as "Nature's Air Conditioning... FREE!"

    I will be missing this weather next July and August, when the hot sun bakes the inside of my car so much it tries to steam me like a wonton....

  11. Hi Wayne, thanks for stopping by our blog today.

    So you took the, at least you weren't older! ;-)

    Have a great day and keep warm - while we freeze our testicles off here in Minnesota.