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Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Test

I have a big test coming up on Feb. 19.
It's my annual physical.
So blood being drawn on the 14th.
I've been "studying" real hard.
Been eating real good, and exercising.
I'm gonna ace this "test".
Isn't it funny how we'll adjust our habits
to fit the time?
I mean, after my physical,
I'll go back to the usuall way I eat.
Which isn't all bad,
but not the best.
Last year, I was doing real good,
and the night before my blood tests, we ordered pizza.
I can't belive one pizza could flood my body with so much Cholesterol!
My reading was 236! It's just not fair! So this year, I'm gonna ace this test! Only 2 more weeks of being "good"! Then, right after my "test", I'm gonna get Kentucky Fried Chicken! I'll deserve a treat, right?
I'll let you know how I do.


  1. bwahahahha You go Wayne! Good luck with your test...I don't like the yearly. Of course, for me it's a bit more invasive than for you... ;P

  2. i think you should study! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  3. Lemuel2:52 PM

    You do better on a test if you do not "cram" just before the test, but "study" the entire semester. But then who am I to talk (altho my problem is not cholesterol, something else).

    Seriously, best wishes that your tests come out well.

  4. Listen, Wayne....Im' feeling really really good about this little quiz. For two reasons: (1) I was due on the 14th. and (2) I was actually born on the 19th! So, there you go. It can't be that bad.

  5. if you don't have your health, you don't have anything!!! trust me!!! you should do what you regularly do eating wise, take the test and adjust accordingly... once you hit a certain point where your health gets bad, there is NO turning back... just sayin'...

  6. A friend of mine does they same thing. Her down fall is butter. she loves her some butter. she always asks for more at a restaurant even if what ever it is has been buttered. Every year before her annual check-up she goes on a butter free zone for 4 weeks so she will get a better result. All I can say is bring on week 5 because it ain't pretty by week 4. Anyway, I'm sure that doesn't happen to you and I hope your test results come back the way you want.

  7. Wayne start eating oatmeal every morning and see if there isn't a difference. Good Luck!