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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday post

It's been a busy first day of my weekend.
We unloaded a bunch of stuff from the mo-ho in advance of our trip to Canada. If we get picked to be searched, we don't want any more stuff for them to look thru then they need to.
I also trimmed up our big old Crab Apple Tree.
As you can see in the pics,
the branches were hanging on the house.
So I got the ladder, and up on the roof,
and trimmed them way back.
And lucky me,
I almost slipped on a bunch of apples,
(this tree gets millions of 1 inch apples)
and almost lost my balance!
But I took out 3 armfuls of branches.
And cleaned out all the debris from the valley.
I also cleaned the bathroom,
(god I hate cleaning!)
So a busy first day off.
Tomorrow, we get some of our money
turned into Canadian for our trip.

And here's a couple of
pics of the yard.
First up, me in the shade garden
with some potted Coleus.
(sorry for the fuzzy pic,
Craig can't hold the camera still!)
me with my Sedum Garden.
I have over a dozen varieties in here.

And I'll talk to you more later!

Oh..... and after Craig did massive bookkeeping,
(quarterly taxes!)
He fixed a delicious Swiss Steak and sauteed mushrooms
and mashed potatoes!


  1. Big Crab Apple??? That sounds like me!

  2. Glad you did not hurt yourself on the roof. That kind of fruit can be quite slippery.

  3. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Thank goodness you didn't fall. :|



  4. I guess climbing those trees keeps you looking thin after Craig's cooking! The pond looks great.

  5. Wayne,
    I hope you guys have a wonderful trip! I know you are looking forward to it. And for Pete's sake watch out on the roof. I have to stay on Jamie all time, I swaney that boy is half monkey!

  6. 1 inch apples? ROFLMAO!!!

    I absolutely LOVE your pond! That's a great picture of you too.

    Dinner sounds yummy!