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Monday, September 01, 2008

trip # 10!

Yep! we just returned from our 10th trip, Indiana Dunes State Park, with a day trip to Chicago!

Surprisingly, this is gonna be a Craig picture post! He does not like his picture taken, but I somehow got a few pics of him in Chicago!
We had a great time as usual. (But it doesn't take much to entertain us!)
And here's a few pics of Craig as I promised...
Here we are at Millennium Park where we had lunch at the Park Grill.. ( the bean is in the background) Did I mention they have really good food? And it's a great place to people watch, being right on Michigan Ave.

And here we are at Navy Pier! In the background is the Beer Garden, and free live music all summer on the weekends. And boy was it hot! But we had a nice cool shade site with a lake breeze and beer!!

And finally, at the beach, at the camp ground, a pic of Craig after I told him, no, you won't see any shark attacks here. There are no sharks in Lake Michigan!

More trip pics later!


  1. he looks absoultely thrilled with his pictures, i must say. i'd be suprised if he allows you to sleep in the same bed with him anytime soon.

  2. LMAO he looks disappointed about not seeing any shark attacks!

  3. Sharks--one of the many reasons why I prefer The Lake over the ocean.

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Haha. You can tell he doesn't like having his picture taken. :)