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Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday, Monday

A good Monday morning to you. We finished another busy week at the Salon on Saturday. One of the good things about this business, is that it's fairly recession proof. People might cut back on eating out, or buying new clothes and such, but they still need their hair cut. Oh, we'll have some people delaying their cuts, or maybe coloring their own hair, but for the most part, we're not felling the downturn as much as other types of businesses.
Also on Saturday our Michigan State Spartans won a terrific game! They are now 8-2! With 2 tough games left.
On Sunday, I cut down the rest of the perennials in the back yard. Now there's just the front yard, and side yard to do. Craig did his usual bookwork, laundry, and made a delicious pot roast for dinner.
Today we take the mo-ho in for an oil change, (sorry John, I don't do car stuff) have a CD that's maturing and we need to move to another bank for a better rate, and go to Sam's Club for work supplies.
And tomorrow?
Only one thing on our list..........

Make sure you take the time to make your vote count!


  1. I'm still going around exclaiming, "HOLY CRAP!"

  2. Anonymous7:13 AM

    We're still trying to convince Pat he needs to vote. :|

  3. Wayne, thanks for all the compliments.:-) I hope you guys have a good week ahead.-Randy

  4. That last item is *very* important!