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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cookies and Fudge

Good morning!
Yesterday was a very productive
cookie day. Made the second batch of
pressed cookies. (You need to click on
the pic to appreciate the colors)
Craig made his Cashew Fudge,
and I successfully made those Peanut
Butter Cookies.
But instead of Chocolate Stars,
I had to put in Chocolate Kisses.
Instead of going to the Meijers by
work, we went to the one on the north
side of town, and they were all out of stars!
I hate when that happens! But I needed to go to
Sam's Club for more Minoxidil.
(Yes, I'm follicle challenged!)
And we don't have a Sam's on our side of town,
and I wasn't driving back there just for some
stupid chocolates, so Kisses would have to do.
And I can make another batch next weekend.
We set up the table one week before Christmas.
And with Christmas on a Thursday, we'll
set up the table tomorrow. So that'll give me another
weekend to bake if we need to. But usually
lot's of customers bring things too, so as usual,
we''ll have more than enough.
And that mini heat wave was just that,
a one day teaser. It's now 16 out this
morning, and we got about 3 inches
of snow yesterday. I have to be at work
early, so Craig will use the snow blower
and clear the driveway before he comes
to work.
Oh, and for dinner we had Teriyaki Chicken,
with Marinated Roasted Asparagus,
and Pan Fried Potatoes. Delicious!
Well time to hit the shower and go!
And thanks for all the Coke Reward Codes!
Keep em coming!


  1. cookie and fudge, cookies and fudge. Everyone is making Christmas treats around here too! I had just lost 41 pounds and now, in the past three months I've gained 22 of it back! It's so hard to resist all the delicious sweets.:-( Oh well, maybe I will work it off this coming summer. LOL

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    It all looks so yummy! :D



  3. Man, you guys know how to do food up right. It always sounds SO GOOD.

  4. Stop it! Stop it! You are torturing me! Must have cookie!

  5. It all looks great! Wish I was near-by!