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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

weekend in review

First, thanks for all the Coke Reward codes! And keep them coming! Second, it has been a good weekend. Didn't do much, but did get some housework done, and Craig fixed his usual delicious meals. First up his Turkey rice Casserole.
We used some of our left over Turkey,
and he layers rice, Turkey, onions, mushrooms,
cheese, and gravy. Yummy!
And next is a casserole with rice,
Hot Italian Turkey Sausage, assorted vegies,
topped with cheese.

I did have a little problem yesterday.

My puter got infected! And bad!
But with the help of a half dozen programs,
got it all cleaned up and running
smoothly again. Please make sure you
keep your antivirus program up to date!
And do your periodic scans.

Of course, if I didn't surf so much,
I'd probably have been okay,
but you never know about some of these sites!
Now it's off to work for another busy week!


  1. I put a collection box in our lunchroom asking for "unwanted" Coke lids, but so far no takers (or is that "givers"?).

    Sorry about the pc infection! Your advice should be heeded. I would add, after my latest fiasco, to make sure that you do a weekly backup and have an "offsite" copy.

  2. You know, if you'd stay off of the porn, you wouldn't have a problem. I'd serve those casseroles with a bit of fat free sour cream and sliced avocado...maybe a drop of salsa.

  3. The last nasty bug my PC caught actually came from a garden blog. One of the flash ads they had placed on their site contained a virus/trojan. As soon as the page loaded it got me. It was unable to be cleaned so I had to start over from scratch. You are lucky.

  4. The food sounds great. Sorry to hear about the virus. I don't worry much using the Mac but I'm sure some day they will build a virus for Macs too and then we'll be sorry. I'm glad you were able to fix thigs up.