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Friday, December 26, 2008

quick post and a coke rewards update!

Just a quick post this morning before I rush off to work. We had a very nice quiet day yesterday, and of course way too much food. Craig cooked a Turkey with White Castle Stuffing, (yummy!) and a new Scalloped Potato dish that had Alfredo Sauce in it (delicious!) And also steamed Broccoli, and of course for desert, the Pineapple pecan Creme Pie! ) UMF! I'm stuffed! We rented a tape, that new Indiana Jones Movie. Don't waste your time. Barely enjoyable. He should have quit after the last one.
And an update!
We hit our target for our new printer! Got enough Coke rewards Points! Thanks for everyone who sent me their codes! But don't stop now! If you still get codes you don't want/need, please send them my way. They are always changing what you can get with them, and maybe we'll see something else we want. And thanks again!
Now off to work!


  1. Yeah, I hate it when companies change around their points and prizes thresholds. With Pepsi, I was only 6,999,970 points away from getting my own Harrier jet!

  2. congrats on the printer

  3. davidz7:20 PM

    omg...withdrawal!!! No FF?!