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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Salon Christmas

Well, yesterday was a total washout at the Salon. With a winter storm warning, and blowing snow,(a total of about 9 inches) we got cancellation after cancellation. Spent all day there for 3 customers. Of course, the last customer never cancels nor does the first. So in between, I did some cleaning, watching the blizzard, and read magazines.
And as promised, here's a few pics of
our Salon, decorated for Christmas.
And if you look closely,
you'll even see me!

Of course, you can click
the pics for a better view.


  1. What a beautiful Salon and decorated with such classy taste too! I love the way the snowflakes have that infinity reflection going on in the mirrors. You guys did a good job. I'm certain those three clients very much appreciate your dedication to you business.--Randy

  2. You always decorate so very nicely. I really liked the picture that caught your image and I like the tree very much.

  3. davidz7:50 AM

    beautifully done, Wayne...i'm sure your customers appreciate it. we, too, had a boat load of snow yesterday, and it appears more is on the way tonight :(

  4. Would you believe that I would have rather had your weather? Down here, we got freezing rain/hail along with thundersnow. I had to chisel into my car! The good thing, though, is that there isn't much accumulation so as soon as the salt and chemicals do their work, we should be just fine.

    Ditto on what Randy said. The salon looks great!

  5. Anonymous12:49 PM

    My gosh, you guys did a beautiful job with your Christmas decorating! Also, you guys are major gardeners, you can cook up a storm and you work magic doing hair!.... so much talent, I'm jealous!

    Merry Christmas!
    Mark and Craig

  6. What a simply fabulous salon you have. Decorations are beautiful. I am very impressed.
    Ken from San Diego

  7. Echoing what everyone else has already said, the decorations are very classy, refined,'s clearly obvious that you put a lot of work and thought into it. Very nice.