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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where does it go

Here it is the last day of 2008. Does time fly or what?
But first, a recap on our weekend.
Yesterday Craig did some end of year stuff.
Paid the last retail commissions for the year, and added up our business gas mileage for reimbursement. And between paperwork and laundry,
he boiled down the last two Turkey carcases for broth.
And also any left over veggies from the last couple of months. He ends up with this wonderful thick tasty broth. We don't make
soup out of it since we're not much of soup eaters, so he freezes it in pint containers for later use. He'll use the broth to make rice,
mashed potatoes, and pasta, substituting
broth for water. Very yummy! I did a little cleaning around the house,and played on the puter. For dinner
we had Panko Crusted Pork Cutlets,
with Fried Potatoes, and Sauteed Ginger
Honey Carrots. I don't know why I
didn't get a pic of the pork.

But back to 2008.
It's true when the say the older you get
the faster the time flys.
We've been in this Salon now for 11 years.
It seemed like we owned the last
one forever, and that was only 12 years.
We've been in our house now 23 years.
And together for 32 years.
And where did it all go?
And it seemed like yesterday, we were
waiting for 2000 and everything to grind to a halt. That was the biggest non event ever.

But I have to say I'm very grateful for my health, Craig, and everything we have. It's been a tough year, but we've weathered it fairly well. And much better than a lot of others.

I'm hoping everyone who has stopped by in our lives and on this blog, have a safe New Years Eve, and a happy prosperous 2009.

And now I need to clear the driveway of more snow, and get to work!


  1. Happy New Year, Wayne, and here's to 23 more happy years to you both! *clinks champagne glass*

  2. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Any chance he has a recipe on how he does it? We make soup and rice and I'd like to have one come out thick. :)

    Happy New Year to you both.



  3. Wayne, Craig sounds like such a good cook. I don’t know how the two of you stay so thin. I hope the two of you have a fantastic new year.--Randy

  4. Nothing but the best to your life, in your home, in your work. Every day, every new year.

  5. best wishes for you and Craig in the new year!

  6. He does sound like a good cook. When's dinner?


  7. My Ken does the same with any and every broth we have, whether it's meat based or just the cooking liquid for a vegetable. Yum!

    All the best to you both for a healthy and happy 2009!

    Live long, and prosper!