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Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Monday

After cleaning the Salon yesterday morning, and having our coffee and reading the paper, we went out and did a little walking. And no, not outside, it's toooo damn cold! But we walked at a big box store. We probably had security following us all over as we weaved up and down all the aisles. We are trying to get more exercise and lose some of the holiday weight we got.. And we're too cheap to join a gym. In the summer we can ride bikes and walk the park trails, but we don't do cold well, so no hiking outside in the winter. The problem with walking stores, is you inevitably see something to buy. I told Craig it's getting expensive to walk!
Although this time of year, you can get some good buys! I was walking our local mall Friday, and at JC Penny's, I found a couple of shirts, originally $42.00 marked down to $14.99. And, they were selling them, buy one get one free! So 2 shirts for $15.80 with tax!
Sooooo, after walking and a little shopping, later at home we started puzzle #3. Here's a pic of our progress on just the first day. I told you they become addictive! I was planning on cleaning the bathroom, but never got up from the puzzle. Oh well, the dirty bathroom is still there, maybe today. And for dinner, we had left over turkey that Craig whipped up into barbecued sandwiches. Yummy! Craig likes to toast the buns. It keeps the moist meat from making the bread mushy, and makes for a nice crunchy sandwich.


  1. I HATE shopping, I don't think I got that gene... but if I look at it as a type of exercise maybe I can enjoy it more, Jamie would sure like that.

  2. It seems that someone is confusing WALKING with SHOPPING. Walking the mall certainly wouldn't allow for actually stopping/looking/shopping...I mean, that wouldn't allow your heart to pump well. Or else leave your wallet in the car!

  3. In our area a lot of malls are marked out for walking ("trails" and distances). If you could do that perhaps you could resist the temptation to go into a store and buy something. (Here the malls sometimes open for walking before the stores open.)

  4. I agree with A Lewis, your walks can't be doing any good.


  5. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Here, the malls open early for the walkers on certain days of the week. There are no stores open then. Maybe you should suggest that. ;)