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Sunday, February 15, 2009

More snow pics

Yep! This is what you get, more snow pics! If your tired of looking at them, just think about me!
After our 5 day warm spell, winter hath returned! We got about 4 inches yesterday morning. But today is the 15th of Febuary, so winter is hopefully on the down side and spring will start coming in a few more weeks. The first pic is of a Contorted Filbert. I love how the branches are all twisty. Next is one of our Rhododendrons, and last Pachysandra buried under our Crab Apple tree. Yes it looks pretty, but I'm way done with looking at it. And once again, I had to clear the driveway when I got home from work. But now another weekend begins. Yay!
I cleaned the Salon this morning as usual. And today Craig's making a Pork Pot roast in our slow cooker. I love to smell food cooking all day!
Not sure what else we'll do.
We also still have 3 more weekend trips to finalize. Just haven't decided where to go yet. And Ken, no, we can't go to San Diego as much as we'd like to. I said all our trips are long weekends and I'm pretty sure we couldn't, make it out there and back in a weekend.


  1. I awlays know that whatever the snowfall this time of year (and it can be a doozies!), it will not last long. My daffoldils and hyacinths are poping through the ground and some of the trees are begining to get that pre-spring lacey look.

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Wayne, I can't wait to see what you will put in your plant sale this year. It's just around the corner you know! You just might end up with SO much Mo-Ho money that you will make it out to PS for a visit!

    We have been getting snow in the mountains about every week. It's SO nice to see it up there and we don't have to deal with it on the ground here in Palm Springs. We are expecting a little rain for the next couple of days which will put 6-12 inches of snow in the mountains (the skiers love it)!

    Mark&CraiginPS PS. Hi to Craig!

  3. davidz7:31 PM

    What? You can't get to San Diego and back in a weekend? Just drive faster! lol

  4. The contorted filbert looks fantastic in the snow!