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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my update

Day 3 of rain. So no yard work done this weekend. But it sure is greening up the grass!
And in other news......
I'd been having problems with surfing the Internet. I'd grind down to a snails pace at times. Did all the proper things, like recycling the modem, unplugging the router, waiting, and plugging it back in, or even restarting the puter. I finally decided either the modem or router was going bad. so the next time my Internet connection went bad, I disconnected the modem from the router, and plugged it directly to the puter. Things were great! So I needed a new router. And here's the baby I got. Nothing fancy. Just $39, but it works like a dream! and can connect up to 4 wired puters, and countless wireless ones.

But now I seem to have an issue with explorer I think. After surfing for a while, I grind to a halt. The only thing that gets me going again is if I restart the puter. But the first time I try that, I get some error message. I close that and all my desktop icons disappear for a few moments. When they come back, I can then restart the puter, and I'm good to go again. It's always something right? I'm gonna keep working on it, but I may have to break down and ask my puter expert brother for help.

And here's some more Hyacinths for your viewing pleasure.

And if my southern readers find this odd seeing hyacinths in bloom, think what I'm feeling seeing all your 'summer' flowers in bloom this early for me! I'm soooo jealous!


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    How long has it been since you ran a spyware program? Perhaps you are dragging because of all of the nuisance tracking files attached to your internet surfing.
    Gene S.

  2. Try Firefox! Dump Internet Explorer. Firefox is free and I've been very happy with it for the past few years.