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Sunday, April 05, 2009

up and down

Saturday was an up and down day. It started as I was going to work. My truck wouldn't start ARG!! So good thing Craig has 2 cars. I took his PT Cruiser. I have something draining my battery. If I don't drive it at least once a week, the battery is too weak to start the truck. So after work, I put the charger on it, and it started right up. I'm thinking the remote starter I had put on it is the culprit.
But the rest of the day went well. A busy day at the salon to cap a busy week. And later we watched our Michigan State Spartans beat UCONN!

Non of the critics gave the Spartans a chance. No big name players. But the Spartans do what they do very well, and I can't wait to see the championship game Monday!
And now I've got to go clean the Salon......

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  1. Anonymous3:57 PM


    Most cars today have computers that control the engine functions, clocks and memory functions on the radio, all of which produce some drain on the batteries. Even though these drains exist, there is probably another reason you are experiencing a low battery after only a week. I would take the truck in and have the charging system and the battery checked. Most Auto Stores will do this for free. Your alternator could be getting weak, or if your battery is more than 5 years old, it could be hitting the end of it's days too. Although, the Ford doesn't like to sit either, and with 2 huge batts in it, it will be flat after about 10 days of not using it.