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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

biking, bushes and blooms

Good morning from full blown spring in Mid Michigan. The trees are just about all leafed out, and more flowers continue to bloom.
In an effort to get more exercise, I got the bikes out of the garage ceiling, cleaned them up, and filled the tires with air, and actually took them for a little spin. It was fun! We plan on taking them on our trips also. Most of the parks we stay at have numerous trails. I don't think we've biked in 5-6 years. I didn't realize it'd been that long. We used to bike all the time. Lansing has a very nice river trail . Some how we got away from biking, but will try to do more.
And I also cleaned out the fire pit, and did more weeding, the yards looking pretty good.
And now, on with the flower show....

In case you missed it, I did 2 posts on Friday, my usual ff, but also a tree Peony post. So if you missed it, scroll back a bit, there are beautiful!
Here's a pic of the yard from the deck. The large bush with white flowers on the right, is a massive old Snow Ball Bush. You can see it better in the second pic.

And above is a Deciduous Azalea, and below, Chives next to a Cranesbil. I love Cranesbil! I have about 20 varieties, and they bloom over a long period.

And last, a very large Lupine, next to a dainty Ranunculus, in front of a Deciduous Peony just about ready to bloom.


  1. Looks FanTastic!

  2. I want Lupines! Everything I've read says we are too hot for them. Is that true?--Randy

  3. Your garden looks wonderful!