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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Good morning from a chilly Lansing, MI.
It got down to 35 last night with scattered frost. Today's high is expected to be 59. It sure has been a cold wet spring! But I just finished a very busy week at work.
We also had another business broke into in our Mall. The second in 2 weeks. Last week a Chiropractors office window got smashed, and they took a flat screen TV out of their reception area. This week, a business that grades tests, got their window smashed, and they attempted to steal a slew of laptops. But they were all chained to the tables, so they got nothing. Hopefully, we won't be next!
I also have managed to pot up a total of 317 plants so far for my sale. I cleaned the salon this morning, and today I'll be buying a new garden cart. My old one is getting pretty bad, and it'll help with hauling people's plants to their cars during the sale. Craig's going to burn up a big pile of branches, while I finish cutting back roses, and dead branches in bushes. And this is my final weekend to finish dividing and potting plants for the sale. I've also bought all the annuals we plant in our pots, but with another frost scheduled for tonight, I'll wait to do that Monday, or Tuesday.


  1. I will certainly add my hopes that the authorities are able to apprehend the burglers before they hit any other businesses!

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    do you have an burglar alarm system, at work? Also wish I could send some of this hot weather down here, up to you there. Air Conditions, run all day long.
    Ken from Tampa