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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Trip #3

And here we are, back from Indiana Dunes State Park. Here's a pic of our mo-ho, and bikes, and car.

Got to the campground on Saturday after work. Here we are all set up. One of the reasons we camp here at Indiana Dunes, is it's just a short hour drive to Chicago. And we always take a day trip there when we camp here. The campground was packed!
We did have just a minor incident on the way. At some point along
the highway, I had a couple of people wave at us which I thought was odd.
Actually, they didn't wave with their hand, but rather used their whole arm, which got me suspicious. Looking in all the side mirrors, I realized we had a bay door open on the drivers side, sticking out into traffic!!! A quick emergency stop on the side of the highway, and discovered the propane bay door was open, which is just behind the drivers seat, and the latch was stuck inside. So I could close the door, but it wouldn't latch. And apparently at some point, it came open. So besides us being 8.5 feet wide and filling up our lane as it was, we had a 2 foot door swung open. And since I couldn't get it to latch, we took the next exit and into a parking lot to take the latch apart, lube and reattach. I'm sure not liking these little 'events' happening every time we take out the mo-ho!
And there's more pics of our trip, but after getting home, and spending the rest of the day moving 340 plants up to the side of the driveway getting ready for next Sunday's plant sale, I'm bushed! And so off to bed I go. I'll write more tomorrow.

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