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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clematis, Tree Peony, and Candy Cane Rose

Good morning from a warm Mid Michigan! There weather is great! mid 80's. Not that I'm getting to enjoy it though. I worked 10 hrs yesterday, 11 1/2 hrs on Thursday, and am working again today. Though I should be out around 3pm. And those long hrs are do to the long weekend we took off last week, so now it's catch up time. And that's okay. Always need the money!
I was going to post a pic of my sister in law Lori. She comes from the Grand Rapids area for me to do her hair. She wanted some pics taken to show her girl friends and promised me to e-mail me copies for my blog. But apparently she's a little slow getting them to me, so here's more of what's blooming in the yard instead.

Clematis on the arbor by the pond.
Candy Cane shrub rose. Every flower looks unique!

A Blue Clematis.
And a late Tree Peony.

More flower pics this weekend!

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