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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mitchell State Park

As I said yesterday, we stayed at Mitchell State park. Here's our campsite.

This pic was suppose to be me on my bike. Do you see a bike? I don't think Craig can aim a camera sometimes, that's why I take most of our pics.

And see the look on Craig's face? He hates having his pic took, so I have to be sneaky. Hehe

The restaurant was over looking Lake Cadillac. The area was very nice. And just over the railing we could see little fish clearing a space in the sand for their nest. They would swish their tail over the gravel to clear the area. We saw numerous little fish doing this.
The campground was busy, but not packed. We did have a group take the 2 spots next to us, and they weren't good neighbors. Had a radio playing the entire time they were there. All day every day. Even when they were gone from their site. And there was nothing to block the view or noise. These pull thru site were quite long and they had a pop-up next to us, but it was back by our car so their little 'party' was right there in front of us. If we would have been staying longer, we would have moved to a different site. But we weren't at our site that much fortunately.
And more of our trip tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Haha. Ken is the same way about pictures.

    Sounds like the fish were spawning. ;)