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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bay City State Recreation Area

We've just returned from a long weekend trip to Bay City State recreation area. Why it's not called a State Park and instead a recreation area is a mystery to me.
Now the posts you read on Saturday and Monday were prewritten on Thursday, and post dated so no one would suspect we were out of town. Fooled you didn't I?
But anyway, we had a good time despite the coldest weekend in July ever!
Nearby Saginaw MI and Flint MI reached a record low high of 67 on Saturday. That means Saginaw and Flint have never ever had a high temperture for that day that low. The normal high should be in the mid 80's. So, does somebody want to try and convince me we should be worried about global warming? Come to Michigan and try!
But like I said, we had a good time. We have a mo-ho, not a tent like a lot of the poor campers. And we had a warm ragging fire every night. And as soon as I get the pics uploaded from the camera, I'll tell you all about our trip.

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  1. Wayne, you think that's crazy how about 59° in Alabama in mid July? That was a record too, it's never been that cool in July before.-- Randy