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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers

Well, we got the mo-ho back on Tuesday, they replaced a ball valve, whatever that is. And now the toilet works good as new. But it was fairly cheap, so that's good. Cleaned up the inside of the mo-ho so it's ready for it's next trip. Worked 11 1/2 hrs on Wed. and today looks to be about 10 hrs. The back door at work had been sticking, hard to open. Upon closer inspection, the bottom edge of the door and frame are rusting, and causing the frame to swell, so I filed down the frame and door, and works good now. Also the toilet at work, the handle sticks down sometimes when it's flushed, causing water to keep running. Discovered the lid slides back a little and catches the arm of the flush handle, so I wedged a piece of rubber shim behind the cover to keep it forward, and no more sticky handle. It's always some kind of maintenance, right?

And now, still more flower pics! I tell ya, I've got a very large yard filled with Plants!

Above, a planting of Goose Neck Loosestrife along a path. You need to plant these where they can't wander, cause they really do spread! These are between a path and some evergreens, so they're corralled. And below Ligularia dentata.

Above, Rudbeckia Indian Summer.

Below, another Ligularia called Little Lantern.
And finally, Soapwort.


  1. You just helped me identify a plant that another blogger was asking about - the goose neck loosestrife. I'll direct her here to take a look at it.

  2. No wonder you knew what my Soapwort was. LOL--Randy