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Monday, July 06, 2009

Maumee Bay State Park

(The following post was actually written on Sunday morning on my lap top, and with no wi-fi in the park, posted today, Monday, when I got home)
Good morning from Maumee Bay State Park. The weather, although below normal temps, has been great! At least no rain! We're spending the holiday weekend with our friends from Wisconsin, Tom and Dean. This is their first trip to Maumee Bay, and Toledo, so we showed them around.
On our Friday arrival, while we set up our site with extensive holiday decorations, (we had the best in the park!) Tom prepared us a delicious dinner. Chicken breasts topped with a Honey Mustard Sauce, Bacon, Cheese and I'm not sure what else, but it was yummy! Followed by a desert which was a type of homemade pastry filled with Cinnamon and brown sugar, topped with a tasty sauce. I'm feeling fatter just writing this! On Saturday, we hauled them to the Toledo Farmers Market to get veggies to go with the meal I was planning for later that day. While at the market, we also did the Erie Street Market, which consists of mainly antiques. There was also a Libby Factory Outlet which I especially enjoyed, as we got some nice new glasses. Then it was downtown to the Toledo, Red White, and Kaboom! Festival, which included the Taste of Toledo, so lots of food, drinks, live music, and people watching down town on the river. And then later, back to the campground.
While we let Tom and Dean rest a bit before dinner, Craig and I took advantage of the parks extensive bike trails. Maumee bay is a very large Park and the campground is a couple of miles from the beach. But the bike trails go through fields, woods and to the beach. And also on the beach, Maumee Bay has a full service hotel. And needing a break before biking back, we stop in to the bar for refreshments. Then back to the campground to start dinner. For dinner I grilled seasoned Pork Tenderloins and marinated Fingerling Potatoes, and served with Craig's home made Freezer Slaw. Then it was movie time with Bab Bam and Celeste. A very funny movie. During the movie I surprised Dean with and early birthday cake. A Graham Cracker Pudding Cake. His birthday is actually the 8th. After the movie was camp fire time with drinks and conversation. It was a very enjoyable day!
And the rest of the trip tomorrow!

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