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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just more talk

Good morning from a wet Mid-Michigan.
Well our latest heat wave lasted two days, and now were back into the cooler wet weather The grass has never looked this good in August!
We did manage to mow the yard, and wash and wax more of the mo-ho. This coming weekend, I hope to clean the mo-ho roof, and retreat it. While I was washing the mo-ho, I discovered that a mess of those nasty purple berries that we dealt with in Holly, have stuck them selves to the roof and came home with us. So I should get them off, and while I'm at it give it a good cleaning and reseal it.
My veggie garden is doing terrible. Although we have had some tomatoes, and dug Potatoes, all the squash is doing poorly. The Zucchini vines withered and died, and the Butternut and Acorn squash vines look wimpy with a total of 4 small squash slowly ripening. And I'm getting what looks like 1 pepper on each of my pepper plants. Next year I need to do all this different.
Well, I've got a long day today at work. I start at 8am. and go to about 7pm, so I need to jump in the shower and go.
See ya Friday!

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