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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

it's hell getting older

Good morning from a chilly, wet Lansing.
Its currently 45 out with a high today of only 57. Yesterday as expected, it rained a-l-l day. I got Craig up early, (8am) so we could have our coffee and make it to Kroger by 9am to get our flu shots. We arrived to find that day they didn't start until 10am. But we were able to fill out the forms so when we came back at 10, we would be able to get right in. So with an hour to burn, we went to the bank, post office, and then to Target. I had a $20 dollar Visa gift card to spend. I have a company call TDS Metrocom for my home phone and Internet service. As long as you remain a customer, every month you get points for every dollar you spend on their services. Since I have both Internet and phone, they add up fairly quick. So with another TDS gift card we went to Target to spend it. I do a lot of puzzles during the long winter, so I'm always looking for new ones. I found one there. I also have a dry scaly spot on my ankle that I've tried many products to get it cleared up. I saw an ad for Curel itch defense, so I wanted to pick that up. And then I also picked up Loreal Revitalift. I have inherited saggy eye lids. ( I know, it's hell getting older!) And this stuff really helps.
So... puzzle - $3.49
Curel - $5.99
Revitalift - $12.99
with tax, $23.82. minus $20 gift card, only $3.82. Such a deal!
Then it was back to Kroger for our flu shots, and then to Meijer for groceries.
Back home, I finally tackled the bathroom. I was going to do before and after pics, but the before pic was just to gross to post. Did I mention I hate to clean the bathroom? Craig did more laundry and vacuumed, and fixed a delicious dinner of pork cutlets with a raspberry glaze over stuffing with mexican veggies. Then on TV we watched another episode of Hung. If you get HBO, check it out. So far it's been pretty good. And Thomas Jane isn't bad on the eyes either!


  1. Getting older, I notice it most in the morning and last week I kept hearing this strange noise only to realize it was my neck joints, must go and sit back in my rocker now.

  2. Anonymous3:09 AM

    I only wish getting older for me, meant that I only had saggy eye lids...
    Ken from Tampa