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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cleveland day 3

On Monday, it was back to downtown Cleveland. Our first stop was the Cleveland Science Center. Here's Craig with the center in the background. It's right on Lake Erie, between the Cleveland Browns football stadium, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We were going to do the Rock and Roll museum also, but since it takes a lot more time, we decided to save it for another trip.

We parked in the warehouse district, where we decided to have lunch afterwards, and walked the 8 blocks or so to the science center. Here's a couple views of downtown from the center.

The Science Center wasn't as much as I had thought it would be. It was very large, but most of the stuff was only interesting to kids. We were entertained by some of the displays, so not a waste of time.
Then back to the Warehouse District for lunch. I love the old buildings, and we found a very cool one for lunch.

I think Craig has given up trying not to have his pic taken. hehehe
Then it was to the west of town looking for Big Fun. And I mean the Big Fun toy store. Playboy magazine has called this one of the 20 coolest stores in all America. Well, that's quite the complement. And since we're in Cleveland, we should see this right? Well, it wasn't very 'big', nor a lot of 'fun'. I said to Craig, "this is it?" We were there for less than 20 min. I sure didn't see many toys from my youth. The coolest thing was an aisle they 'tiled' with old game boards.

Oh well, it's not like we went way out of our way to get here, and it was kind of on our way to our next stop, Avalon RV Center. Now this was a nice RV dealer! Dozens of motor homes to look at. And fortunately, not one I liked well enough. Not that I could have afforded one, but it's nice to think I like our layout better than most.

So it was time to get back to the campground, and get ready for the trip home on Tuesday.

And as I said, we arrived home safe with out any incidents.

And now the finally 3 days of work are going to be terribly busy. I'm working 12 hrs today, and it looks to be at least 10 on Friday and Saturday. So I better get going!

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  1. As usual, great photos! I too got Jim to stop being camera shy early on. He came to realize that he had to deal with me and my camera.