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Monday, October 19, 2009


Good morning from a very cold Lansing. And this is probably how it's going to stay. Last year, the snow started in November and never quit. It was a very long winter. And the entire year has been colder than normal. Maybe we're heading for another ice age!

I took this pic late afternoon yesterday. The sun had peaked out of the thick dark clouds, and lit up the trees across the street.

Oh, and those 3 white disks in the sky aren't space ships, they're our track lights reflecting in the window. I took the pic from inside the house. But doesn't it look like I took a pic of flying saucers?


I did get out and work in the yard. I now have about 90% of the back yard cut down, and 10% of the front yard.
I also checked the tire pressure in the mo-ho, car, and kar kaddy. They all were a little low, so filled them back to where they're suppose to be. I'm surprised how tires can just lose air. We still have one more trip to take!
I also grilled pork steaks for dinner. Got the portable grill out of the mo-ho, since I won't get a new burner for our grill till next spring. And soon it'll be to cold to grill anyway.
And today it's shopping! I got a gift card burning a hole in my pocket!


  1. I think it was flying saucers trying to suck up Michigan's heat.

  2. home. Now,where are my M&Ms? Oh wait, was that the candy in the movie? Maybe it was Reeces Pieces.....who knows.