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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It's Cleveland time!

Good morning from the Cleveland, Ohio, KOA.
We are just about ready to pack up and head back to Lansing. They have wi-fi here, and when we checked in on Friday, said it may or may not work at our site. What is it with campgrounds where the wi-fi only works in certain areas? So it was as she said, some mornings I had it , some not. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes less. So if you see this post, it's because I finally got smart, and wrote it on notepad, then just copied and pasted it to Blogger, so I didn't need a long connection time.
We had a great time here. The weather ended up a bit better than expected. They called for rain the entire weekend, but it ended up party sunny, to mostly cloudy. Cool, but no rain.
And since I forgot to bring my cord to connect the camera to the puter, no pics today. But it probably would have taken to long to upload anyway. So I'll post the trip when we return home.

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  1. I can comment, I can comment!

    Dude, use Microsoft Live Writer to blog. It's free and is all done off line until you are ready to post. It's drag and drop pictures too and tons of features that put the Blogger Dashboard to shame. You can draft multiple entries if you'd like.