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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

leaves, leaves, and more leaves

Good morning. The pic below shows what we came home to. A mass of leaves. We have 2 large Silver Maples on the side of the yard. Our other shade trees are 2 Chinese Elms, and a young Sycamore, and numerous pines.

There were only just a scattering of them when we left Friday, but by Monday when we returned, there was several inches. I got out the blower/vac and cleaned it up pretty good, only to see nearly as many on Tuesday. Spent a good chunk of the day cleaning them up, and I see out the window this morning, the ground is covered again. I don't think I've ever seen the leaves drop so fast. At this rate, they'll be all down by the weekend. That would be just over a week that they were falling. Usually they come down over the course of several weeks. I'm usually getting the last of them up around Thanksgiving. And last year I was getting the last of them up as it began snowing. Hopefully I'll be way ahead of that this year.
And while Craig mowed up the leaves in the rest of the yard, I winterized the mo-ho. Now I need to remove all the liquids, all food stuff, clothes, bedding, linens, and batteries from everything. And once all the leaves are down and cleaned up, park the mo-ho next to the garage for the long winter.
But right now, I need to get ready for another work week.

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  1. Anonymous5:10 PM

    You are showing another good reason why I went fulltime. No more lawn care, leaf cleaning, house repairs, etc.etc. But then you guys are younger than I, so have at least another 5/10 years of this maintenance, before you see the light(just kidding here)
    Ken from Tampa