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Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day

And a Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone!
We had a mostly uneventful Thanksgiving.
I got up at my usual early 5:30, and went into the salon to decorate for Christmas. I refuse to put up decorations before Thanksgiving. Of course, the lighted snowflakes I put in the front window, wouldn't light, So I dashed over to Meijer, where they were having a Thanksgiving day sale. It was very busy. I saw the ad on Wednesday, and didn't see anything of a great deal, but there were a lot of people with full shopping carts. Anyway, They didn't have the ones I wanted, but found an acceptable substitute. Got back to the salon, finished up, and got home in time to shower, and wake Craig. He wanted the turkey in by 10. He showered while I diced the celery and onions for the stuffing. He got the Turkey prepped, stuffed, I seasoned it and sealed it with a foil tent. We use a disposable foil roasting pan, and I taKe aluminium foil and make a domed tent to cover, but not touch the turkey. It seals in the moisture and makes the turkey very juicy. We remove the foil about 15 minutes before done to brown the skin nicely. I then made us lattes, and we read the paper and looked at the ads. Then we watched the Thanksgiving parade. And after that, I played on the puter. About 4 hours into cooking, I heard this noise coming from the oven, It was on fire!
The pan was overflowing with juices, and caught fire from the electric element. I quickly turned off the oven, and opened the Windows so our smoke alarm wouldn't go off. The foil pan we got was smaller than the usual ones, and this was a 16 lb turkey instead of our usual 12-13. So Craig misjudged how much water to put in the pan. This turkey released a ton of water to over flow the pan. Fortunately, we have a large electric roaster. I brought that out, cleaned it up, and transferred the turkey to it.

It finished cooking nicely there, though it took a little longer because of the delay. But it turned out just fine. Here's what we had. scalloped corn, home made mashed potatoes and gravy and of course, turkey!

And yes, you see it right. It took 2 plated for our meal. We stuffed our selves more than we stuffed the turkey. But it was so good! And we still ate pie for desert! And finished the evening, with a movie and more turkey for a snack. It was a very nice day.
Now most of you probably are enjoying a long holiday weekend, but we have to work today and tomorrow. And I'll go in an hour early to finish with the decorations.
So enjoy you long weekend, I've got to get ready for work.

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