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Sunday, November 01, 2009

A halloween party

Good morning from Lansing.
Last night we did something we hadn't done in years, went to a Halloween party. We'd been invited to a good friends, Kristi and Jay's, annual party. We've never gone before, and decided we should. We dug out a big box of costume stuff we've saved over the years. I ended up wearing a Pharaoh costume, and Craig, the butterfly naturalist costume.

The Pharaoh costume was originally Craig's, but it doesn't fit him too well anymore for some reason, tee hee, so I inherited it. It is completely hand made. Craig fashioned the serpent on the head piece from modeling clay, and I macramed the jeweled thing around the neck way back nearly 30 years ago when I did that stuff and when macrame was 'in'.
Anyway we had a great time. They we're happy we came, and they had quite the decorated yard with lights, music, stuff all over the place! Jay goes crazy for Halloween and really does it up big! They also had a fire with a cauldron and steaming ghoul juice, which tasted like a warm spiced cider. It was a blast!
My eyes are still a bit tender this morning after trying to get off 30 year old make-up. I think we need to update some stuff if we plan on doing this sort of thing again.


  1. davidz6:34 AM

    great stuff...i bet that pharaoh costume has been stored in one of those "magic" closets like I have - clothes mysteriously shrink while hanging in it! For a minute i thought you meant you'd had the makeup on for 30 years! lol

  2. 30 year old makeup is probably as bad a modern day makeup. Remember, each commercial nowadays boasts about how long it stays on. Water proof too. Ugh. The costumes were awesome!

  3. Funny you'd mention that it's something you've never done -- because just yesterday we were mentioning that we've NEVER, not once, gone to a Halloween/Costume party. We should remedy that next year.

  4. Hope Tutankhamun & Sherman Denton had a blast at the Halloween party!