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Monday, December 07, 2009

Colon update!

Colon update! The procedure was a breeze! They now have HD monitors for your viewing pleasure. It was like trekking through a cave, but not finding any 'treasures'. Seriously, no polyps, although he did see a little dark spot that he took off to have examined. He said he didn't think is was a polyp, but probably a dkfrmbtxhdfe. I know, I didn't understand what he said either, but he said it was only about a millimeter across, and most likely nothing, but better to be safe than sorry. I agree. I watched as he took this tiny claw like thingy and ripped it out! I swear, I saw a chunk of my colon torn away! But didn't feel a thing. Now that was weird! He said he'll call me within a week for the results. So after that, Craig took me to Finlays for ribs! I think I could live on just a diet of wings and ribs. They have some awesome ribs. I think I have this thing for gnawing on bones. Maybe it's from a previous life as a cannibal or maybe a dog, who knows.
So that's over for I hope another 7 years. And as a special treat for me tonight, I get wings, YAA! and guacamole and chips. Almost as good as wings.
Craig does spoil me. I'm a lucky guy!


  1. Great news! Very glad to hear it.......whew.

  2. Good show. I'll get my first this coming year. But we don't get to watch...

  3. I could have lived without the colon scraping visual but glad you're OK. I love wings too! Yum!

  4. I would not watch, lol. But the ribs do sound good. :)