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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a disaster averted!

A quick post this morning before my 11 hour work day starts.
Yesterday, after we got home, I sat down and loaded more games and apps on my new laptop, while Craig did laundry and bookwork. He went to get his checkbook, and it wasn't in his bag. He then remembered he took it with him to pay the doctor. He put it in his cargo pants, which were right then in the washing machine. He retrieved it soaking wet! The checks and the check register looked like solid fused blocks. As he attempted to peel a page in just disintegrated. I said hold on, let me check the Internet for a fix. Sure enough I found where they said to lay it on paper towels and carefully press out as much water as possible, then with a blow dryer on hot, dry the first page until it separates from the others. And it worked like a charm! Each page came apart as it dried. And fortunately, he uses gel pens so none of the ink ran. Lucky him! He really just needed the check register, so he threw out the checks. He has more of them.
What did we do before the web?
I then vacuumed and cleaned and played on the puter. Craig made us turkey burgers and oven fries for dinner.
But now it's time to get ready for my long work day. See you later!


  1. Good thinking. Merry Christmas

  2. The wonders of the internet. I mostly use e-pay these days. Merry Christmas.