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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

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And a happy Valentine's Day!
I'm a little later than usual posting, but it's been a busy day so far. I went to work early to clean the Salon. Then I wired the last camera for our new security system. It really looks good. Then I came home and cut up veggies for a pot roast we are currently cooking in our crock pot. It comes out sooo tender in a crock pot. I started that at 8:30 this morning. Then I woke up Craig, made our lattes and headed out to Staples. The monitor we ordered with our security system came with a 18.5 inch wide screen. But when opening it up. It was freakishly narrow and long. So we took Craig's 19 inch regular LCD monitor to use at work, and he thought the new one would be okay to use for himself. But after working with it a bit, he new it wasn't right. So I called Sam' where I ordered it, and they said I could return it to my local Sam's Club. We did that after work yesterday. I also get Staples weekly ad e-mailed to me early, and I noticed they had a 21.5 inch wide screen monitor going on sale today for the same price as the 18.5 inch one I returned. And the measurements weren't freakish. That's one thing to consider when buying a TV or monitor. Not the diagonal size, but the overall dimensions. So we were off this morning to be at the store when it opened for they only had 3 in stock. I could have ordered it online, but it wouldn't get here until Tuesday, and Craig needed to put his bookwork on his puter. But we got there, and got the monitor. I now have it set up on my puter, and I love it! It's sooo big! And we all know, bigger is better, right? And yes it is, trust me. ;-) And I gave my 19 inch monitor to Craig, so he's a happy guy too.
So I had to download the latest drivers for my video card, since my puter is to old to accommodate the new resolution requirements of the new monitor. And the rest of the day I'm taking it easy. Do a little work on the puzzle, catch up on some blogs, and play on the puter.


  1. I got the big screen too when I purchased a new computer about 2 months ago. It is great. The only problem I have is working on websites. It is hard to design things on the big screen and have them look good on smaller monitors.

  2. I love a big monitor. It's like working at a movie theater. OK, maybe not that large.