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Saturday, February 27, 2010


And it continues to snow.......
There's a few more inches on the ground this morning, but since I don't work late today, I'll take care of the driveway when I get home later.
It's been a nice busy week at the Salon and to end the day yesterday, I went to the Alzheimer facility to do my customer. I don't know what they're doing different, but she has been very agreeable and has sat and let me curl her hair. They leave me alone in the room with her, so maybe less distraction is the key. And they give her a shower in the morning, so I don't have to try and wash her hair. While I'm doing her hair, her son peeks in the room from time to time and takes our picture. And when I was done, he comes in, asks her to smile and takes another one. She seems to still know who he is and he seems to be able to get her to do things. She does look better with her hair done, and that's why they have me come out, so she looks like she should. I can no longer perm or color her hair, so it is getting straight and gray and when they wash it and don't style it, it dries flat and frizzy. Once the perm grows out and I can cut the rest of it off, it won't look so bad. But her son seems really happy when it's curled, so as long as they want me to continue, I will.
The new staff are blending in very well. They're a good fit for our Salon.
I've also been enjoying the Olympics. The USA is racking up quite a few medals. Did you know the USA's hockey team goalie Ryan Miller, is from Lansing? His father, brother, uncles, etc. all played hockey at Michigan State.
And for dinner we had read beans and rice with turkey sausage. Very good!
Well, it's off to shower and work. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Wayne, what you are doing for that Alzheimer patient is very heart warming. I can only imagine how much her son appreciates your efforts.
    Ken from Tampa.