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Friday, April 16, 2010

At least he left a message

Good morning.
So far it been an extremely busy week at work. I've started around 7:30 each day, where as I usually start between 9 and 10. And I work until 7 0r 8pm, so it's been a long week. Today is another long day, but the weekend is closing in.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here before, but our Salon is unique in that we have no receptionist. Each Stylist has a phone at their station with their own extension and appointment book, so they make their own appointments. We also have voicemail capability, so customers can leave a message if we're not there. So anyway, one of the first things I do on Wednesday morning, is check my messages. One in particular caught me a little by surprise. He spends the winter in Maui, and I've cut his hair for years. I even did his mom's hair for nearly 20 years until she passed away several years ago. So anyway, a few years ago he built a new mansion house, way on the other side of town. I expected I wouldn't see him after that, since it's a long drive over here, but he kept coming. Well, he's just returned from Maui, and the message was that he finally decided to find someone on that side of town instead of a 30 minute drive each way to see me. He thanked me for all the years of service for him and his mom and wished me the best. Now the fact that he's left me wasn't a surprise, I thought that would have happened when he moved. It was that he left me the message on Tuesday. He knows I don't work on Tuesday, and apparently didn't want to tell me 'in person', and that bothered me a little, I mean, I've known him for years. But at least he left me a message. Usually I go through my files and run across a name I haven't seen in a long time and wonder what happened to them. But I've been doing hair for 33 years now, and people come and go for many reasons. It's just part of the business. But every now and then, it still bothers me a little.
Anyway, our 'normal' spring weather ( low to mid 50's) is returning this weekend. It figures. It was 80 yesterday, and by Saturday, the high is only going to be 54. Just in time for 'my' weekend. But at least we've got some 'indoor' plans. And now it's time for me to get ready for work.
Have a great weekend!


  1. davidz5:55 AM

    I would think it's always a bummer to lose a long time customer like that, and too bad he felt he needed to leave a message rather than talk to you in person. Maybe he's one of those people who just don't deal well with things like that...after so many years he just couldn't "face" you (even on the phone) and tell you he's leaving. Too bad.

  2. Maybe he thought he or you would be too emotional? Maybe he thought you'd try to convince him to stay on with you even though he had wrestled with the decision for some time? Either way, sorry you lost him.

  3. Have a good weekend, bro! <3