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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aren't they lovely

Good morning.
The weather hasn't been very nice. Cold, windy and rainy, but I did managed to still get some yard work done. I did some weeding, and potted up 6 more plants for the sale. I've now hit 300, as long as they all 'take'. And here's some things blooming in the garden....
These are Tree Peonies. They bloom a few weeks earlier then the herbaceous ones. The difference between them are the tree peonies grow from a woody frame work like a shrub instead of dying back to the ground each year.

I love tree Peonies for there massive size. They can get 6 feet tall in their old age. Most of mine are around 3 ft tall.They also come in colors you don't see in the Herbaceous ones. Like this red and white bi-color.
And they are larger than the herbaceous ones. Look at his one compared to my hand....
It's a very light delicate pink. If you don't have any and have the time to wait for them to grow, they will reward you with spectacular blooms.
I also moved another 100 plants up next to the garage as I try to condense all my plant sale plants to one area instead of all over the yard. Boy, that's a lot of hauling!
And the work week looks to be very busy. So time to hop in the shower and get going!


  1. My Biltmore photos are prettier. ;-)

  2. I believe I've said it every single growing season, but here goes again: My top three: 1. Peonies 2. Lilacs 3. Iris

  3. They look very much like something else that I just cannot think of. The pictures of y'alls garden is always a site to see though.

  4. Finally had a moment to look at blogs. Gorgeous flowers, bro. :)

  5. Wow! That thing is huge! LOL-- Randy

  6. Holy #*@! They are gorgeous and huge! I don't think I've ever seen these before. I am pretty sure they do not grow here in SoCal.