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Sunday, May 02, 2010

A wet sunday

Good morning.
Another weekend has begun! At least for me. ;-)
The weather has been very nice. I managed to work in the yard Friday and Saturday after work. Got one of the large perennial beds almost completely weeded. A good start. I should have dug, divided, and potted up some more plants instead because now it's raining, and the soil will be to wet to work. Oh well, we needed the rain, and I still have a couple of weeks to divide yet.
So today it looks to be a lazy indoor day.
Tomorrow I need to get 3 new batteries for work. On Friday, DeLau Fire came out to test and re-tag our fire extinguishers and discovered the batteries were dead in both exit signs and the emergency light. He was nice enough to tell us we can replace them ourselves and save us some money. So this morning after I cleaned the Salon, I took our the batteries so i know what kind to buy. They were very easy to remove.
And I was going to post some things blooming in the yard, but like I said, it's currently raining, so instead I'll gross some of you out with this pic....
Every year, while working in the yard, I somehow apparently get into either some poison ivy, or something like it. I'm never sure when or where it happens because the blisters don't show up until the next day. This one was particularly bad. The pic doesn't look so bad because I took this pic this morning, 4 days after it happened. Thank goodness for Ivy Dry. It really takes the itching away.
And that's my update for today.


  1. I am constantly battling this stuff and I'm highly allergic to it. I've already had one shot this year. I discovered a product called Zanfel that works really well for me. You just have to apply it immediately after you have been in contact with it. It is expensive (about $30 for a tube) but it is worth it.

  2. We have to be careful at the farm, because as you can tell from the pictures, it is *loaded* with poison ivy. Always has been. Annoying, haha.
    Hope the rest of your Sunday is going well!

  3. Soak it in Tide laundry detergent (I think the dry, not liquid). Mix with warm water and soak it for a while.

  4. Holy cow, Wayne, that looks awful! I think I got into some of that stuff while we were weeding the yard weekend before last but I didn't touch it nor did I scratch it and just kept washing it with lukewarm soapy water and it went away. (I guess you could say mine was a mild case?) Ouch! I do hope that gets better for you. Looks rather painful.


  5. Wayne, be careful with that out-break so that it does not develop into something worse. Ok don't mean to sound like Mr. Doom and Gloom but some times we think the little stuff is not the bad stuff and poison ivy is bad stuff and if it is not poison ivy it could be even worse. Take care - G