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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

flowers and such

Good morning.
My morning post is a little later than usual, as I was exercising, and watering in the yard. Between the heat wave last week which is kind of continuing, we haven't had much rain so the yard is getting pretty dry.
And speaking of the yard, here's a pic of the pond...

You can see the grass is looking a bit brown as we don't water the lawn. To many flower beds to keep up with, and the lawn will green up as soon as it rains again.
I made an appointment last week to take in the mo-ho yesterday for that hydraulic jack issue. We dropped it off at 8am. Well, as usual, they didn't get to it yesterday, but said it was in the bay and they'd be on it this morning. Why do we make appointments, when it doesn't seem to matter? They never get to the car/truck/mo-ho the day you take it in. I wish I had the skills/knowledge that John has so I could do some of this stuff myself and save me lot's of money, but I don't and really don't want to learn so I guess I'll just have to suck it up and deal with it.

I did get some weeding done yesterday, and cleaned the bathroom.

I also checked out some things to do on some of our trips. At Maumee Bay State Park, we're going into nearby Toledo for the Great River Dragon Boat Races. At a new campground for us this year, Van Buren State Park, we're taking in South Haven's tall ships parade, and Saugatuck's 'taste of Saugatuck'.

And with poor Craig having to get up so early yesterday, even with all our errands, we were home early enough, that I was able to persuade him to make his homemade potato salad, and homemade baked beans. We had that with pork steaks on the grill.

And to finish, some more flowers blooming in our yard....

Above, Ligularia, 'the rocket'.

a pretty blue phlox,

Blue Angel Hostas in full bloom
And Soapwort.

And now I'm off to catch up on some blogs, since at 8:45, Craig is still sleeping. :-)


  1. The pond is beautiful. You have an eye for placement.

  2. If I had that many plants, I'd never remember all the names! ;)

    And just think. If you didn't have an appointment, your mo-ho might still be sitting in their parking lot waiting to be seen. ;)

    I always love seeing your yard. I don't have your talent for design. :)

  3. I'd swear you were visiting botanical gardens...

  4. Beautiful yard pics, as always!

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