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Friday, July 16, 2010

mo-ho and food.

Good evening.
I know, a rare evening post. But it's too hot to work in the yard, and we decided to have an early dinner, and there's nothing on TV right now.
We picked up the mo-ho, after work today. Here's the brand new hydraulic jack.

They also put on new springs. They were able to use the main housing and just replace the hydraulic jack. It'll be nice to have them all working correctly.
The Salon has been very busy this week, and I'm soo tired of taking the long way to and from work. The traffic volume has gotten much worst this week as more people look for a way to get across the river. There were 25 cars waiting to turn at the intersection when I got there. I hope the repairs on the bridge go quickly.
And for dinner, we grilled boneless chicken breasts with a barbecue sauce, and baked potatoes and asparagus. Just delicious! Tomorrow, home made pizza! I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!

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