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Thursday, September 09, 2010

More about Indiana Dunes

Good morning.
Footprints in the sand. This is beach sand that was blown up on the parking lot during the night.
Most of you know I'm an early riser. Earlier than most people. So I like to walk or bike in the early morning. It's so quiet and peaceful.
I did just that on Sunday morning at the campground. I rode my bike to the beach.

Here's the walk way from the parking lot to the beach. See how sand has blown across the sidewalk during the night?

As you read in the last post, the blowing sand is what built the dunes. To try and prevent the sand from making the parking lot another dune, they've built these sand berms between the parking lot and beach and planted dune grass on them. As the grass spreads and grows it'll trap the sand.Indiana Dunes has a very expansive beach and with concessions and bathrooms easily available, it's a very popular beach.

So on Tuesday, after I cleaned the Salon, I woke up Craig, made our coffee, and did our usual running around. Bank, Salon to drop off checks, and grocery shopping. Exciting stuff. I spent the day, mowing, cleaning the mo-ho, and spot weeding the lawn. Craig did his usual bookwork and laundry. Dinner was chicken on the grill, grilled zucchini and leftover pasta salad.

Yesterday, a 10 hour workday, and today about 9. The Salon has been fairly busy. That's good since we seem to have bill after bill coming in. Had to have the new washer/dryer at work serviced already. It was making a weird clicking noise. Fortunately is was just a bolt that needed to be tightened. Just a one hour service call fee. No, there is no warranty when you use appliances for the home in a business.

And now it's shower time and off to work.


  1. Hope you guys have a good day! :)

  2. The no warranty part sucks...