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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

trip #10, the details

Good morning.

I've just returned from cleaning the Salon. My posting is a little later than usual as it took a bit longer that anticipated.
Now back to our trip.
We left Lansing around 1 pm, arriving at the campground around 2:15 or so. Got into our site and set up. Relaxed with cocktails, and then took a walk around the campgrounds. They have 5 loops here. Quite a large area. But only about 140 sites because it's very hilly and wooded, so a lot of the sites are very secluded.
I grilled steaks for dinner with baked potatoes and coleslaw. We started a campfire since the highs were only in the mid 60's. After the fire was nearly done, we went in and watched some TV. It started to rain soon after.
It continued to rain off and on all night, with a lot of thunder and lightning near morning.
After Craig woke up and showered, I fixed us coffee, and off in the car we went. Wanted to pick up a paper, and a few items we forgot to bring. The rain ended around 11 but we decided to put off the festival until Sunday to let the ground dry up some.
We decided to tour some surrounding towns and drove through Holly, and Fenton with a stop for lunch at Broadstreet Station were we both had the best Patty Melt.
Arriving back at the campground, we read the paper and took a walk around the campground to see how many people showed up. It was very full. Only about 10% empty.
Back to our campsite, another campfire while we waited to watch the 8pm football game of the Michigan State Spartans taking on Notre Dame. For the game we grilled the best sausages you've ever eaten.Levandowski sausages! We can only get them from a local store called L&L Food Centers. They are really that good!
Anyway, the Spartans won the game in overtime! Yaaa!
The next morning, with the weather more cooperative, I woke up Craig so we could take a walk with our coffee, then I fixed breakfast. We didn't want to be too hungry at the festival and eat a lot of expensive carni food.
Bacon, eggs on the grill with toast and juice. Yummy! We don't eat bacon very much, so we really enjoy it when we do.
Then it was off to the festival.
Well, even though the weather was sunny and reached a high near 70 a day to let it dry was no help.
There was one low area that was a complete mud pit!

But most of the grounds weren't too bad.
The place was packed! Half of the fun of going here is a lot of the people that come to see the festival, also dress up in costumes. We were impressed by the extent of some of the outfits.

Our favorite show has to be Ded Bob. It was hilarious! Check out the link to his website.

And yes Garret, They did have Turkey Legs. And as good as they smelled, I didn't get one. I did find a new favorite drink, Woodchuck Cider! Ummm that was some tasty stuff!

With the day slowly fading, we went back to the campground for one more campfire.

Then while the fire warmed us, or maybe it was the cocktails, ;-) We broke down the campsite for an early morning departure.

Monday morning, it was cold, 48 out. The campground was virtually empty as most left Sunday, I fixed Craig coffee, pulled in the slides, stored the jacks, and put down the antenna. Put away the step and rug, and unplugged the mo-ho from shore power and flipped the fridge to propane. Went to the dump site, dumped the tanks, and off to Lansing we went, arriving back home after a stop at Flying J to gas and an extra flush of the holding tanks.

It was a good trip.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you had a good time in spite of the weather. :)

    We had some good sausage at Louie's when we went there on that Sunday. He said he gets it from the Amish where he buys his furniture at in Indiana, I think it is?

    Have a good day! :)