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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

another beautiful day

Good morning.
It was another beautiful fall day. Sunny, 74 degrees. The colors are starting to look real pretty.
And I was productive. :-) I checked tire pressure in the mo-ho, Cruiser, and caddy, and water levels in the batteries. I spent a good chunk of the day cutting down more stuff in the yard. I'm about half way done.
I also called Newmar about the handle levers and got a nice helpful person who is sending me 10 of them. And they only cost $2.40 each. A lot less than the whole handle assembly the local RV dealer sold me. And the dealer was the one who said they only could get the entire handle assembly, not just the one part. Ya right.
Anyway, this is why I ordered so many. Once they break, it's a real pain to try and get the door open to take it apart, so I want to go through and replace the rest, before another one breaks. You can see how thin the metal is on the original, and how they've made them thicker on the newer ones.
And they're real easy to replace if you can open the door. The back of the handle has 4 screws, and then the lever is right there with one screw.
So that will be the next weekends project.
And for dinner, it was pork cutlets on the grill with baked potato and ginger-honey carrots.


  1. Dinner sounds great. I need you to cook for me. ;)
    I need to learn how to do pork cutlets on the grill. I like them just as pork, haha. Ken only likes them if I bake them with rice and mushroom soup. ugh, haha.

    Will you have any leftover parts for spares?

    My guess is what the dealer meant to say was it wasn't cost effective for him to stock just parts. ;)

    Have a great week! :)

  2. I flew into Detroit Monday from L.A. (the first time I've ever been in Michigan) and seeing the colorful foliage from above was so pretty. We normally have lots of color but so far, not too much. It has just been too dry this year.