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Monday, December 13, 2010

It's toooo c-o-l-d!

Good morning from a frigid Lansing.
It's currently 12 outside. brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! This has been one cold month!
But at least we didn't get the nearly 20 inches of snow Minnesota got. We ended up with about 6 inches. Here's some pics I took out the window in the afternoon...

I did go out around 4 when the snow let up to snow blow (I know, it really should be snow throw) the driveway. I'll have to do it again today, but will be easier with less snow.
I also ordered some cologne from I wear Obsession and it's $47.19, where it's $65 at Macy's. And if you sign up for their e-mail offers, you can get 15% off that, or free shipping. That's a pretty good deal!
I spent the rest of the day reading blogs and playing on the puter.
Craig made his delicious turkey rice casserole for dinner. It hit the spot!
Maybe today I'll be more motivated to do some cleaning. We'll see. :-)


  1. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!

  2. The 80's called and they want their cologne back. ;-)