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Thursday, February 03, 2011

long day, not very profitable

Good morning.
I made it to work yesterday morning. The main roads were pretty good. They even had our parking lot cleared. But no one cleared the side walks. So I had a 3ft drift to get through to get to the door of our Salon. Grabbed the shovel, and cleared a path to the parking lot. I then proceeded to get several calls. One confirming I was there before she came in, and the rest to cancel and reschedule. I ended up doing a 10am , and nothing until my last one at 5 pm. Why is it always the first and last that end up showing up? And, my 5pm appointment was off all day because her work was closed. Didn't she think of calling to see if she could come in earlier? Did she think I wanted to sit around all day just for her?
Oh well. I did manage to do a bunch of cleaning, and took in my laptop and played some games to pass the time. Craig came in around 3pm for just one customer, and one other stylist made it in for just 3. The rest had precanceled their appointments so they could enjoy the day off. I couldn't see taking the day off since I already had 4 days off due to my throat. Which by the way is still sore this morning, though it does seem to be getting ever so slowly better.
I got home, and re cleared the driveway of another 3 or so inches of snow. The wind had finally died down, so it should stay clear for a few days I hope. :-)
And thanks to the 'snow day' yesterday, the rest of the week is going to be busy and long. I'll need to work later than usual on Friday and Saturday, to get all the people in that I couldn't yesterday, or last Saturday when I was home sick.
Well, now it's time to get ready for another work day.


  1. An appointment at 10 and then 5? You're crazy. I would have called her to see if she could come in earlier. :-)

  2. Our dentist always calls to see if we can come in earlier, when they've had a cancellation.
    But you couldn't know she wasn't working, until she finally did come in.

    Hope today has gone better for you. :)