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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a busy day

Good morning.
First off, Garret, the video works fine for me, so I don't know what happened with you. :-
And it was a beautiful almost spring like day. Sunny and mild with temps reaching 40.

After replacing the deadbolt on the entry door, all of a sudden, we realized the door handle looked nasty. So we decided to replace that too. Funny how you don't notice obvious stuff sometimes. :-)
But now they're both shiny and new.
And here's a pic of the yard. We still have snow on the ground, but it is slowly melting away. I expect by the weekend, it'll be all gone. I just hope it stays gone. :-)

And I got into another cleaning frenzy yesterday. I cleaned the laundry room and cleaned out the storage cubboards in there too. Threw out a bunch of junk.
It sure feels good to have things all nice and neat and clean. Too bad I don't do it more often. :-)
I also scrubbed walls in the TV room. One wall is textured and upon closer inspection, it was filthy! Apparently there's a lot of things I don't notice. :-)
We usually watch TV in this room instead of the living room because it has a large patio door with lot's of light and views of the yard.
And after all that cleaning, I relaxed and played on the puter untill dinner. Craig made a tasty spaghetti. Instead of a meat sauce or meatballs, he cut up some vegi-burger sausages. It was good. Remember, I've got blood tests coming up for my annual physical, and I'm trying to eat good. :-)


  1. Have a great day, guys! :)

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    BTW, I got the same message as Garret and couldn't watch the clip. But, I think that one was on youtube.


  3. By god, there is indeed grass in that back yard! I'll bet you never thought you'd see it again!

  4. LOL. I read these posts in reverse. I didn't realize you posted my name. Now I should get some sort of retraction. LOL.

    I'll have my lawyer call your lawyer.