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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

no early spring here

Good morning.
It's currently 33 out with light rain. It's rained all night. We're at the day's forecast high, with the temps expected to slowly drop during the day to a low tonight in the teens. So I may find some interesting traveling conditions when I go to work this morning, as the rain turns to freezing rain, then sleet and snow.
Yesterday, even though is was a cloudy dreary day outside, I managed to be productive, with a bunch of cleaning. The bathroom, the kitchen, and I finally got a can of air and cleaned the inside of Craig's puter.
And of course, I played on the puter. Craig and I even played a couple of games of Family Feud, where his 'family' beat mine badly. He's always been much better at fast thinking than me. :-) And I don't know where they get the people they 'poll' for the answers. Some of the answers are a real stretch. :-\
We also talked about getting the mo-ho out of 'storage'next weekend, and making sure everything is still in working order, like the jacks, slides, furnace, etc. That's helping us get through this late winter crap. Thinking of our upcoming first trip. :-)
And the Salon looks pretty busy so far this week. We'll see if we get any cancellations due to the weather.
And Craig wasn't in the mood for fixing any fancy dinner, so it was a souped up hamburger helper. Which tasted just fine. :-)


  1. Be careful today! ♥

  2. I'm sorry you're still getting crappy weather!

  3. It would not be nice of me to say that it's 85 degrees and sunny in eastern North Carolina right now, so ... um, er ... well, have a nice day. : )

  4. Also like a good hamburger helper now and then... just wish they were not so salty...