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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

still cold out :-(

Good morning. Yesterday was very productive. It was sunny and reached a high of 41. Not warm, but bundled up made it warm enough to get out. :-) With the mo-ho in the driveway, I spread Spectracide on the gravel parking area. Craig then watered it in good. Then we moved the mo-ho back on the gravel. We're hoping that will prevent the sweet ant problem we had last spring. I also cut down more of last years perennials, and trimmed back the clematis vines and several bushes. We have daffodils getting close to blooming and hyacinths and tulips starting to come up. Then Craig helped me wash and chamois the Kia and Honda. For dinner, Craig made a pan full of fried potatoes with onions, sausage, and mushrooms, with cauliflower on the side. It was very good. And from the long range forecast, we look like we'll be below normal temps until the middle of next week. :-( But even low 40's is better than 20's. :-) And today, it's back to work. Looks to be a steady week depending on how many phone calls we get.


  1. 40s is enough to keep the snow away and get rid of any that's left. :)

    Have a good day!

  2. It's rainy and coolish here in eastern NC.
    Good day to be indoors.

  3. Well, trying to keep up with a cold environment is a challenge.
    By time, you will have to adapt to it.