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Monday, May 02, 2011

Good day, bad voles, tasty pork

Good morning.
Yesterday turned out to be completely different from forecast. Forecast was for scattered rain and 63, and instead, it was mostly sunny and 71. :-)

After cleaning the Salon, it was so nice out that I did about an hour of weeding before taking my shower and getting Craig up.

After our usual coffee, and Sunday paper, I went back out in the yard, while Craig did his usual Sunday bookwork and laundry.

Here's an early morning pic of the yard...

The evergreens almost completely circle the back yard. Gives us some nice privacy and is also a pretty good deer deterrent. Deer won't go where they can't see through or over, so the evergreens look like a solid wall to them.

I spent nearly all day weeding one of the larger flower beds. And I only got about 2/3 done. The weeds are real bad this spring. I think it's going to be preen time. :-)

Can you see me? Craig snapped this pick while I was working on that bed. And that's a Star Magnolia blooming next to me. I also discovered that both of my clematis vines that grow up the arbors behind the pond are gone. Voles nested near them and did them in over the winter. :-(

I'll now need to find something that grows fast, as in August, my gardens are being used as a backdrop for wedding pictures.

Then, as it approached 4pm, I decided I'd weeded enough and we relaxed on the deck with cocktails, taking in the warmth. It felt sooo good! This was only the 3rd day we've been over 70 this spring, and it looks like the last for a while. We've had scattered rain this morning with a high forecast of only 57.

For dinner, Craig cooked a pork roast my mom gave us back when we saw her in March. It was sooo good! Of course, there was nothing lean about this roast. :-) Funny how fat makes things taste so good. :-)

And now I'm going to try and get a little more weeding done before I wake up lazy bones. :-)


  1. Congratulations on getting chosen for wedding photos. I'm guessing if you buy something that's already fairly well grown it will be a help?
    You have such a green thumb I'm sure anything will flourish there. :)

  2. Tell us more about the wedding....

  3. You have such a green thumb I'm sure anything will flourish there. :)